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Since December'2000, we have been constantly providing training & placement to the graduates & MBAs to make them successful medical representatives. Now CONFIDENTT is the most popular name with the all top class Indian & Multinational pharma companies.

"CONFIDENTT" specially is admired for providing right candidates as per requirement for companies. This is no magic but only due to sincere approach and highly professional training to our candidates. Our training module has been set as per need of the hour.

Our training module has been proved perfect keeping pace with the latest development and trend of the industry.

We understand the present socio-economic situation of our society. Most of the candidates are coming from middle class families, and they lack of proper knowledge of English. So communication in English really becomes a hurdle.

As all the interview process is conducted in English so candidates find themselves as fish out of water. We are fully aware of this issue.

Our Training Process

During training we sit with each individual, understand their lacunas and as per requirement we take care.

Such individual attention has been proved most effective in case of candidates who are poor in communications skill. After successful completion of their classroom training they are compulsorily put into our own pharma company to work as trainee medical representative. Thus they get a tremendous confidence & market exposure.

So cracking in the interview is not a problem for them.  All the training modules have been prepared by Mr. Sudipta Bhattacharyya having experience of working for more than 10 years in top pharma companies as a regional head.


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